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Rara! Vodou, Power, and Performance in Haiti and its Diaspora
University of California Press, 2002

“Working deftly with highly original ethnographic material, Elizabeth McAlister shows how Rara bands harness the power of Vodou spirits and the recently dead to broadcast coded points of view with historical, gendered, and transnational dimensions.”

Race, Nation, and Religion in the Americas
Oxford University Press, 2004

“This collection of all new essays will explore the complex and unstable articulations of race and religion that have helped to produce ‘Black’, ‘White’, ‘Creole’, ‘Indian’, ‘Asian’, and other racialized identities and communities in the Americas.”

Music CDs

Rhythms of Rapture CD cover

Rhythms of Rapture: Sacred Music of Haitian Vodou

“Cuts from live Vodou ceremonies are juxtaposed with performances by well-known Haitian artists, such as Boukman Experyans, RaRa Machine, Boukan Ginen and RAM. A cascade of sounds…”

Angels in the Mirror CD cover

Angels in the Mirror: Vodou Music of Haiti

“Music plays a central role in Vodou practices, the basis of the concise and enthralling compilation . . . ” –Jazz Times

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