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Necroscape and Diaspora: Making Ancestors in Haitian Vodou
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Possessing the Land for Jesus
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Haiti and the Unseen World
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Rara Festivals in New York and Haiti
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Poster Child
E-Misferica (2010), Elizabeth McAlister, Lovely Nicolas


Obama, Zombies, and Black Male Messiahs
(2009), Elizabeth McAlister



Radio and Podcasts

A Crisis of Faith and Meaning: Understanding the Haiti Earthquake
Wesleyan Interfaith Voices (2010), Elizabeth McAlister


Music and the Story of Haiti
Afropop Worldwide (2007), Elizabeth McAlister



Articles in French and Italian

Le Festival Rara en Haiti: Travail Religieux et Divertissement Public en Temps d’Insécurite et de troubles
Bulletin du Bureau National d’Ethnologie (2014), Elizabeth McAlister 


Amour, sexe et genre incarnés : les esprits du vaudou haïtien
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En Haiti, la musique prend le pouvoir
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Voyage autour d’une bouteille de sorcier
Vaudou (2003), Elizabeth McAlister